Crop Profile
Yellow Oxheart tomato

Yellow Oxheart heirloom tomato from Bottle Hollow Farm




One look at this beauty, and it's easy to see why they
chose to name it 
Yellow Oxheart.


Yellow Oxheart is a heirloom tomato from around 1915. The Livingston Seed Company, an early tomato innovator, sold the seeds nationwide beginning in 1929.


Most market growers won't fool with this variety because it doesn't bear a heavy or consistent crop. Plus, the tomatoes are prone to split and crack. But, we always like to include Yellow Oxheart in the garden just because it tastes so good! Like many yellow tomatoes, it has a sweet taste. However, Yellow Oxheart stands out because it also has just the right blend of acidity for a flavor that is exceptionally well-balanced. The flesh is meaty, with the right amount of juice.

Yellow Oxheart plants produce tomatoes of various sizes, from medium slicers to really large whoppers that weigh well over a pound. You'll rarely find one that doesn't have some sort of blemish on the exterior. But, this is truly a case where beauty is only skin deep, and Yellow Oxheart rewards its patron
with superb flavor.