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tomato snack pack
Black Opal tomato. Delicious cherry tomatoes from Bottle Hollow Farm.
Prudens Purple heirloom Brandywine style tomato
Yellow Oxheart heirloom tomato from Bottle Hollow Farm
Spear's TN Green tomato at Bottle Hollow Farm.
Tomato Myths. Fun info and tomato growing tips from Bottle Hollow Farm.

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tomato Crop Profiles
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 NEW for 2019! 

We'll have your returning favorites, plus more new tomatoes for you to try...

Big Beef
Bumble Bee
Garden Peach

Chef's Choice Orange
Chef'c Choice Black

Cherokee Purple
Golden King of Siberia
Grandma's Pick
Indigo Apple

Jaune Flammee'
Purple Russian

Solar Flair


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