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Tomato Snack Pack


Snack Pack

Our tomato snack pack features "cherry" and "grape" tomatoes, perfect for munching. We usually feature Sun Gold and TomatoBerry tomatoes in the snack pack, as those are real winners for flavor and texture. Depending on availability, we sometimes mix it up and toss in some other varieties too.

Sun Gold is a beautiful golden orange cherry-size tomato with a taste to match its good looks. Many folks agree that Sun Gold tomatoes have a near-perfect balance of tangy and sweet flavor notes. The taste is rich and bright. You'll find Sun Gold included on many "best flavor" lists.

TomatoBerry is aptly named for its strawberry-like shape and bold red color. But it's no mere novelty, it has delicious flavor too. TomatoBerry packs an old-timey tomato flavor into a small package. The texture is rewarding; juicy, but not mushy or mealy.

Grab a tomato snack pack for yourself, and take one to a friend!