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We think you'll love the freshness, aroma and flavor of our Certified Organic Strawberries. If you've been searching for real strawberries that are grown from the earth, here they are!
Our strawberries are naturally grown in the garden and
are NOT sprayed or treated with anything.

Bottle Hollow Farm says NO to hydroponics and plasticulture.

Can we talk a little bit about commercial strawberry production? These days, many growers use hydroponic systems where the plants are grown in artificial media without soil. This requires the plants to be fed nutrients through an irrigation system. Commonly, the plants are held in plastic trays or piping, or in grow bags. These indoor systems typically require climate control and artificial lighting.

For large-scale outdoor growers, the common method of production is plasticulture, where the strawberry plants are grown through plastic mulch or landscape fabric. It's an effective system to combat weeds, but also generates loads of plastic waste.

Here at Bottle Hollow, we grow our strawberries on a small scale. That affords us the opportunity to use a simpler, garden style of strawberry production. We grow strawberry plants in the ground, outside with the bees, fresh air and sunshine. For mulch, we use natural pine straw sustainably collected right here on the farm.

This more natural style of strawberry production suits our farming philosophy. Plus, we think berries grown in rich soil can be more nutritious and flavorful.
We hope you dig it.

Bottle Hollow Farm, LLC
Shelbyville, Tennessee

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