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Spear's TN Green tomato

Spear's TN Green tomato from Bottle Hollow Farm


Tennessee Green


Spear's TN Green heirloom tomato interior. Bottle Hollow Farm

From right here in our great state of Tennessee, the Spear family grew and preserved this rare heirloom tomato since the 1950's; so it's been named Spear's Tennessee Green.


This tomato is a green-when-ripe beauty. As it matures, the shoulders remain green while the body develops bright yellow/green hues. The chartreuse color reminds us of a flashy Porter Wagoner suit.


The flavor of Spear's TN Green is brightly sweet and delicious; complex with citrus-like notes. Baker Creek Seed company describes it as "the taste of tomatoes from Grandma's garden".

People often comment to us that most tomatoes "just don't taste like they used to." Unfortunately, many modern tomato varieties occupy store shelves because they look good and hold up well in transport.  Their flavor is often lackluster, or worse. We're very lucky that wonderful tomatoes like Spear's TN Green have been preserved, so we can still enjoy their splendid old-timey flavor.