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Purple Jalapeno

Purple Jalapeno


Bottle Hollow Farm


This pepper is as tasty as it is beautiful!

Add stunning color and satisfying bite to your
recipe with the Purple Jalapeno.

We like to describe the Purple Jalapeno as "medium-hot".
It has a pleasing heat signature, typically a shade milder than most green jalapenos.

Compared to its green cousin, the Purple Jalapeno tends to be a bit smaller, and has thinner walls. The inner cavity is often loaded with seeds. If desired, the seeds are easily removed after slicing the pepper in half, lengthwise.

Lovely to behold and delicious to eat!

Mark's pick!

Add Purple Jalapeno to your breakfast omelet!

The color really perks up your morning routine, and the flavor is superb. Sprinkle on some sharp cheddar cheese and we're talking 5-star taste!