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Pruden's Purple tomato

Pruden's Purple



Pruden's Purple heirloom tomato interior. Bottle Hollow Farm.

No one seems to know where the "purple" moniker comes from in Pruden's Purple, it's actually a pink tomato. To be totally correct, pink skinned with a
beautiful crimson red interior.


This 19th-century heirloom is a Brandywine type with a rich and classic tomato flavor and excellent texture. Many folks argue that Pruden's Purple is superior to the standard Pink Brandywine, and I must say that we agree. We grow Pruden's Purple instead of the later.


The typical Pruden's Purple tomato is large; an excellent size for sandwich slices. The flavor can definitely stand on its own too, so be sure to cut some into wedges for fresh eating.

Compared to other large tomatoes, Pruden's Purple tends to produce
earlier in the season. So, it's often one of the first large tomatoes to appear
at our market booth.