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Poblanos have a rich, deep green color that matches their depth of flavor. Originally from the region of Puebla, Mexico, poblanos are a "chili" pepper with mild
to medium heat. 

Poblanos are picked when green. When left on the plant to fully mature, they turn a dark red-brown color. Those peppers can be dried and are then called an Ancho chili. Anchos can be ground to make a tasty chili powder. Ancho peppers are also used to make a paste for traditional Mexican mole sauce.

Green poblanos are stuffed and fried in batter to make Chili Rellanos; like this recipe from Food Network

Aside from the more detailed recipes above, peppers are quick and easy to add to a variety of dishes. That not only increases flavor, but gives you more opportunity to use health-promoting vegetables. Try a day of adding poblanos to every meal... toss some poblano chunks in your breakfast omelet / add fresh poblano to your lunch sandwich / top a pizza with sliced poblano and cherry tomatoes for dinner. So many possibilities!