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Peas {Sweet Garden Peas}

Organic Sugar Magnolia snap peas at Bottle Hollow Farm.
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If most of your experience with peas involves opening a can,  you can enjoy a whole new world of texture and flavor with fresh peas.


Fresh Peas are delicious and nutritious. They're sweet and crisp, with refreshing flavor. You can enjoy peas raw. They make a great snack all alone, or add some to salads and slaw. I have to admit that we can't resist munching a few peas right in the garden. And, peas are delicious when lightly cooked in saute' or stir-fry dishes.

Organic Sugar Snap peas at Bottle Hollow Farm.
Purple and Green sugar snap peas.
Organic Shelling Peas (English garden peas) at Bottle Holow Farm.

Three Kinds of Peas...
Snap / Snow / Shelling

When it comes to fresh Peas, you have three options to choose from. All are equally delicious, so most folks select the type of pea that best suits the snack or dish they want to prepare.

Snap Peas (Sugar Snaps)
Snap Peas are very easy to prepare because you eat the whole pod; no shelling required. They have a sweet flavor and crisp crunch, making the raw peas great for snacking.
Most of the Snap Pea varieties we grow are stringless. Typically, Snap Peas are harvested when the pea inside the pod is at an immature size.


Snow Peas
Like snap peas, you also eat the whole pod of Snow Peas. Snow Peas are characterized by pods that are wide and flat. They're typically harvested just as the pea seed starts to form inside the pod. Snow Peas are very popular in stir-fry dishes.


Shelling Peas (English Peas)
The traditional "English garden pea" is a shelling pea. Zip open the pods and let the sweet peas spill out. You can use shelling peas in an almost infinite variety of cooked dishes. They're also delicious when served raw; we love to sprinkle them on a salad. 

"English garden" Shelling Peas.

Peas thrive in the cooler weather of the spring season. So, we have them during the early part of the market season; May and June. Be sure to enjoy all the fresh peas you can during that time of the year because they're gone once the heat of summer sets in. 

All of our peas are grown naturally, without the use of any types of sprays or treatments. And, like all of our crops, they are USDA Certified Organic.