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Jade okra looks great and tastes great, so we really enjoy providing this variety for our market customers - and it's loved at our dinner table too. The pods have a delicately ribbed shape and pleasing dark green color.

In the 1970's, the University of Arkansas worked  to develop an improved okra by combining the classic 'Clemson Spineless' with other okra varieties including 'Emerald' and 'Goldcoast'. By carefully selecting plants from multiple hybrid crosses, the complex pedigree stabilized to this fine open-pollinated* okra, Jade.
[* All heirloom plant varieties are open-pollinated. Open-pollinated varieties will "breed true", so the seeds can be saved to reproduce the variety year-after-year.]

Say no to woody okra! Okra is a crop that can "get away from you" fast, with the pods getting large and tough if they're left on the plants too long. We pick okra just about every day, so we can deliver pods that are young and tender, the way they should be.

Picking okra can be a hot and itchy task, but it puts a smile on our face when folks tell us how much they enjoy our Jade okra. We hope you'll enjoy it too!

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