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No-Heat Jalapeno Pepper

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Jalapeno Pepper

Bottle Hollow Farm

Sweet {no heat}

Jalapeno peppers are great. But, there are times when you can't use them; like when you don't want to add heat to a dish or when family members are sensitive to hot peppers. Never fear, the No-Heat Jalapeno comes to the rescue!

No-Heat Jalapenos deliver excellent flavor and crunch in a pepper that's not hot or spicey. This is a nice way to enjoy a different flavor profile from typical green bell peppers. Plus, No-Heat Jalapenos let you prepare pepper snacks that everyone can enjoy at your next gathering.

Be sure to grab some No-Heat Jalapenos when they're in season at our market booth.

Every pepper we grow here at the farm is "garden grown"... in the ground, outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. We feel this natural style of growing allows the crop to achieve the best flavor profile. When you purchase produce from Bottle Hollow Farm, you are assured to NOT receive items grown by indoor hydroponic systems.

note: To date, we have not experienced any heat in the No-Heat Jalapenos. And, none of our customers have reported any of them to be hot. But, we always recommend that folks try a small sample of any new pepper before diving in for a huge bite.