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No-Heat Habanero Pepper

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Habanero Pepper

Bottle Hollow Farm

Sweet {no heat}

So, once folks get past the initial shock that such a thing exists, they really enjoy this pepper. If you've had regular habaneros before, you know they have a unique aroma and a fruity flavor that is unlike any other pepper. However, their use could be somewhat limited, because you also had to be willing to take the heat; and standard habaneros can really deliver a lot of heat.

The No-Heat Habanero provides that wonderful aroma and delicious flavor, without the burn! This is a habanero that you can add to a salad!

note: To date, we have not experienced any heat in the No-Heat Habaneros. And, none of our customers have reported any of them to be hot. But, we always recommend that's folks try a small sample of any new pepper before diving in for a huge bite.

This pepper was a new introduction at our markets in 2018. In fact, we were the only farm offering the No-Heat Habanero at the farmers markets in our area. It quickly became one of our customer favorites, and it's a favorite in our home kitchen too.

Yes, folks have a lot of questions and comments for the No-Heat Habanero. Initially, the top reaction we get is... "A habanero with no heat, I don't believe that." Oh, it's true. We shared quite a few samples, and folks were quickly convinced. We also had questions like... "How did they do that; is that some kind of GMO?" No. This new pepper is the result of traditional plant breeding. We don't grow any GMO crops. We wouldn't grow them anyway, but GMOs are also not allowed on Certified Organic farms.

No-Heat Habanero organic peppers from Bottle Hollow Farm. Habanero flavor, aroma and texture; without the burn.