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We think you will love, love, love our lettuce!

We harvest our lettuce within 1 day of bringing it to market... so you simply won't find fresher lettuce unless you're cutting it from your own garden!

If you've only had typical mass-production lettuce, prepare to be amazed by the texture and rich flavors of our hand-tended, ultra-fresh lettuce.


All of our lettuce is Certified Organic and grown naturally in our real, rich garden soil (no hydroponics). Plus, we trial many lettuce types to select the best tasting varieties for our customers.

We sell full heads of lettuce. This allows for minimal handling which can greatly improve the overall quality. Plus, if you don't eat it all right away, you'll find that our lettuce keeps very well in the refrigerator. It can easily maintain very high quality for up to 3 or 4 weeks. That long keeping quality is because our lightly-handled heads don't degrade as quickly as lettuce mix that has been cut and processed; and our lettuce has not spent days or weeks in transit or on a store shelf before you get it.

Lettuce... local, fresh, organic, delicious... 'git you some!