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Flex CSA

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No weekly commitment!
Buy when you want.
No wasted produce!
Buy what you want.

10% Discount!
Save 10% on all your Bottle Hollow Farm produce.


Flex CSA
rewards for our best customers!


Traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs can be a great way for folks to purchase from their favorite farms. However, most CSAs lock you into a weekly commitment to receive a box of produce chosen by the farm. Sometimes, that doesn't fit well with the changing schedules of modern life or the changing tastes of family members.

Many of our customers have asked us for a CSA option. We decided to do things a little different, and created our Flex CSA to reward our regular customers. So, now you can show your support for Bottle Hollow Farm with your Flex CSA Card; and you save 10% on all your purchases when you use your Flex CSA account.

[ pay only $99 for a $110 Flex CSA Card account ]

Your discount is guaranteed because you pay 10% less than the value loaded on your card...
Pay $99.00 for a $110.00 Flex CSA account.
Pay $198.00 for a $220.00 Flex CSA account.

To get your Flex CSA Card, simply stop by our booth at any farmers market. It only takes a couple of minutes to issue your card.
If you prefer to receive your card by mail, Email us and we'll send you an electronic invoice and then mail your card to you.

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Flex CSA
FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]


What is the minimum purchase to start a Bottle Hollow Farm Flex CSA account? 
$99.00 is the minimum to open your account. You save 10%, so your payment of $99.00 credits a $110.00 value to your Flex CSA card. 
You can select a higher value for your Flex CSA card if you wish. The 10% discount always applies. As an example: if you want to start your Flex CSA account with a value of $250.00, you only pay $225.00 (a 10% discount).

Am I required to purchase a certain amount of produce with my Flex CSA card, or use it on a weekly or monthly basis?
No. It's super simple and you're in charge. Buy only the items of produce you want to, when you want to.

What if my Flex CSA card is lost or stolen?
We encourage you to safeguard your card like you would with any bank card or credit card. However, in the event of a missing card, we can access your account with your name or account number; so your balance is not lost.

My balance is at or near zero; how do I renew?

Funds can be added to your existing Flex CSA account at any time. Please note that the minimum charge at any one time is $99.00 [which credits $110.00 value to your account].

What if I don't use my Flex CSA account for an extended period of time, or I don't use the full balance during the market season?
You card never expires. You can use any remaining balance the following season (or any time).

Can I give a Flex CSA card to a family member or friend as a gift?
Yes, we can issue the account for your friend or family member.
We also offer standard Gift Cards that you can give to anyone. Gift Cards are available in any amount ($10.00 minimum). Please note that the 10% discount is not offered on Gift Cards. Plastic gift cards can be purchased at our market booths; and "eGift Cards" can be purchased online.

Can I use my Flex CSA card when ordering online from Bottle Hollow Farm?
Yes, when ordering through our online portal, enter your Flex CSA account instead of a credit card number. Then, enter any values for the "expiration date" and "CVV"; as those fields don't apply for the Flex CSA card.

Can I get a refund for any balance remaining on my Flex CSA account?
No. Our Flex CSA program requires less of a commitment on your part than any other farm CSA we're aware of: the minimum fee to join is low, you choose what and when you purchase, and we reward you with a discount. But, there is No Refund.

Got another question not covered here? Please contact us.