Frequently Asked Questions

When I visited the Bottle Hollow Farm booth at a farmers market, your produce looked so bright and glossy; do you wax it?

No, our produce is natural and not altered in any way. The shiny appearance is simply due to quality and freshness. Most of our items are harvested the same day (or the day before) we take them to the market.

Do you grow GMOs?

No. We only grow standard garden crops, many of which are heirloom varieties. We have no desire to grow GMO (Genetically Modified) crops. Also, GMOs are not allowed in Organic farming.

What is the story behind the Bottle Hollow Farm name?

Well, we wish we had a fascinating story to tell, but it's actually very simple... we're located on Bottle Hollow Road.

What are your farm hours?

The land we farm is also our personal residence and is not "open to the public". Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Facebook page to receive notifications of special events or field days at our farm.

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