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English Cucumber


English cucumbers and Asian cucumbers are always popular at our market booth... for good reason, they taste great! The cukes are delicious all by themselves, and they also make a fine addition to salads, sandwiches and such.

We typically display them together, because they are very similar in shape, texture and flavor. If you want to recognize one from the other, the Asian cucumbers (top photo) have a dark green, mostly smooth skin. The English cucumbers (photo at right) are a bit lighter in color and have a slightly ribbed texture.


& Asian

Asian and English cucumbers are typically considered to be "greenhouse varieties". However, we grow ours outdoors in the garden, and provide them fresh to our local customers. They don't always turn out to be perfectly straight when grown "in the wilds" of the garden, but we think the flavor is enhanced by fresh air and sunshine.

With crisp texture and a refreshing sweet taste, these cukes are a cool summer treat. They're "burpless" types, with no bitter aftertaste. Thin skin and a virtually seedless interior make these a pleasure to munch.

We think you'll agree that these cucumbers are a real winner for crunch and flavor!

Cucumber blossom waiting
for a bee.

Cucumber "start" with blossom
still partially open.

Little cucumbers growing.

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