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"Doll-house Watermelon"
Mexican Sour Gherkin

Mexican Sour Gherkin, the "Doll-house Watermelon"


Mexican Sour Gherkin


This little "melon" looks like it would be the perfect size for Ken and Barbie,
so we like to call it the
doll-house watermelon. Others call it the cuc-a-melon (cucumber melon); the official name is Mexican sour gherkin

Doll-house watermelons are great for fresh eating. Just pop 'em in your mouth whole; no need to slice or peel. They are also a tasty addition to salads, slaw, or similar dishes. The flavor is very much like a cucumber, but with the added zing of lemony sourness. You can also pickle these gherkins like a regular cucumber.

Mexican Sour Gherkins grow on a delicate looking vine with stems and leaves that are much smaller than a typical cucumber vine. The vines readily attach to a trellis or support, and they love to climb. Over the course of the season, the vines continue to expand and fill in until the whole structure looks like a big green bush. Often, the plants are so thick that you can no longer see the trellis underneath.

Like all of our crops, our gherkins are Certified Organic. If you happen to find one with a little round hole in it, that means a worm likes it too. So, feed that one to your chickens or put it in your compost bin.

For more ways to use your gherkins, this web page at Edible Brooklyn has an interesting collection of Mexican Sour Gherkin recipes.

We usually have Mexican Sour Gherkins (doll-house watermelons) available beginning in May or June, and continuing through mid-October.