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Cubanelle Pepper


Sweet Pepper

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Sweet {no heat}

Cubanelle is a richly flavored sweet pepper.
Compared to common bell peppers, the shape of

Cubanelle is more elongated and not as fat.

As the name implies, Cubanelle peppers are popular in Cuban cuisine. They are equally favored in Italian cooking and are sometimes referred to as the "Italian frying pepper". For a medium-large pepper, the walls are relatively thin, making it very versatile for cooked dishes.

Cubanelles have an excellent raw flavor. The taste is vibrant and sweet, without any of the bitter notes sometimes found in green bell peppers. Add chunks of Cubanelle to your slaw or salad. Cubanelle slices are great on just about any type of sandwich; they elevate a tomato sandwich to a whole new level.

We harvest most Cubanelles in their vibrant chartreuse green color, and occasionally in shades of orange and red.

Mark's pick!

Cubanelle peppers make a great pizza topping.
Slice in chunks, strips, or in the round and
scatter 'em on top. The peppers roast nicely
and add a great flavor profile.

When you're in a hurry, Cubanelles
elevate the flavor of frozen pizza too!