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fresh organic Carrots from Bottle Hollow Farm
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by Mark Murphy, Bottle Hollow Farm

I will always remember my surprise the first time I tasted a carrot fresh from the garden... I was astounded! It's hard to describe the sensation, but the flavor had a richness and freshness that I had simply never experienced from a carrot.


Truth is, I had never been a big fan of carrots up until that point. But, that taste made me realize that I had never had a truly fresh carrot before. Carrots suddenly moved high up on the list of my favorite vegetables.


I don't disparage grocery stores. They perform a valuable service and I spend plenty of my money there, like most folks. But, the typical "industrial" carrot has been harvested somewhere far away, bagged, trucked, warehoused, and finally makes it to the store shelf at some point. The problem is, a well-traveled carrot no longer possesses the vitality and flavor profile of one that's just out of the earth.

Here at Bottle Hollow Farm, we harvest carrots in the early morning when they are cool and crisp, and full of satisfying, sweet flavor. Then, we keep 'em cool and deliver them to the farmers market the following morning. I dare to say that I don't believe you'll find a fresher or tastier carrot... unless, of course, you pull one from the ground in your own garden.