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Blue Coco

green beans


OK, let's start with the obvious issue that needs to be addressed... Blue Coco is a "green bean"? Yes, around here we still refer to it as a "green bean" because it's grown to be eaten in the tender "green" stage; just like common green beans.
Obviously, the glaring difference is that
Blue Coco has purple pods; which will actually turn green when the beans are cooked. Prepare Blue Cocos just as you would any other green bean variety.

In his book, Heirloom Vegetable Gardening, William Woys Weaver writes, "the Blue Coco bean is one of the oldest of the purple-podded pole bean varieties still under cultivation. It was known in France as early as 1775,..."

We're so fortunate that this heirloom bean variety has been preserved! Blue Coco has a pleasing tender and crisp texture with excellent flavor that is very satisfying; it makes us say "this is how beans are supposed to taste".

Many folks have never seen purple-pod beans before. That makes some of them hesitant to try Blue Coco for the first time. All we can say is "come on, live a little!" You're missing out on a fine bean experience if you pass these by.

After trying these beans, one of our customers shared how happy she was to discover the Blue Cocos. She related how disappointed she had become with many of the common commercially available beans. They just didn't seem to have the same quality and flavor as in the past. In her words, Blue Coco "restored my faith in green beans!"

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