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Black Opal tomato

Black Opal tomato. Delicious cherry tomatoes from Bottle Hollow Farm

Black Opal


Each year, we make a point to try some new tomato varieties that we haven't grown before. We're so glad that we added Black Opal for 2018!


Dark colored tomatoes in shades of purple and black have seen a big surge in popularity over the past few years. 'Black Cherry' is an heirloom variety with very good flavor, but often regarded as having a somewhat mushy texture. So, plant breeders in England set out to improve on 'Black Cherry'. The result, Black Opal, delivers a crisp, smooth texture and incredible flavor.


Black Opal tomatoes have a rich sweetness. They're reported to have a high Brix rating, which is a measure of sugar content. But, the flavor is more complex than just a sugary note. Black Opal delivers a nice tomato tang at first bite, followed by a satisfying sweetness on the back end. It's a great balance of tart and sweet that most folks agree is very rewarding.

Here at the farm, Mark said... "Black Opals are some of the best
tomato bites I've had this year."