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Green Beans

(and Purple too!)

Green Beans

Royalty Purple Pod organic green beans from Bottle Hollow Farm.
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It's hard to beat the sweet summer flavor of freshly-picked green beans.
We pick beans when they're young and tender, and bring them quickly to market for peak freshness. That maintains taste and nutrition, and provides
a rewarding fresh snap.

Green Beans are a culinary classic for good reason, but we also grow the Royalty Purple Pod "green beans". The heirloom Royalty Purple beans are stringless and have a delicious sweet flavor. Prepare them the same as their green relatives, but note that the Royalty Purple beans actually lose the purple pigment and

turn green when cooked.

That brings us to another point... have you tried your green beans raw? Here at the farm, we like to eat some of the Royalty Purple beans raw. In fact, it's hard to resist grabbing a few to snack on right in the garden. The flavor is pleasingly sweet and the crisp crunch is very rewarding. Try some of the Royalty Purple beans lightly chilled in a salad. The flavor and texture along with the unique purple color makes for a

special salad... quite royal!

fresh organic Green Beans from Bottle Hollow Farm

Cooking tip = less cooking!

It seems that, especially here in the South, the standard way to prepare green beans is to cook them all day long; usually with some pork fat. That makes for a soft, soupy bean with "comfort food" flavor... nothing wrong with that!

However, fresh green beans are also delicious when cooked lightly, just for a few minutes. Try cooking some in a skillet or stir-fry on the stovetop. Within just a few minutes, you'll notice the beans take on a darker color... and they're done! Prepared with this type of short cooking time, the beans retain some crispness and a vibrantly fresh taste. We keep it simple and just add a little olive oil and butter to the skillet. But, you can certainly mix it up with the addition of your favorite spices.

With today's active lifestyles, when you might not have a lot of time for cooking, this is a great way to enjoy green beans... quick and easy!