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Anaheim Chili Pepper


Chili Pepper

Bottle Hollow Farm

Mild Heat

Anaheim is a classic heirloom chili pepper that dates back to 1894. It has a rich and full-bodied flavor combined with very mild heat. It's certainly the mildest "chili" pepper that we grow, which makes it perfect for so many recipes where a little heat is nice but never overpowers the dish.

In some circles, you may see Anaheim called the "Mexico", "California" or "Magdelana" pepper.  They're all the same pepper, long and tapering with relatively thick walls. Anaheims are usually harvested when green, but can also turn to a vibrant red. 

Try Anaheim peppers in soups, stews, chili, or as a pizza topping; so many uses! Many folks consider Anaheim to be the authentic pepper for making chili rellenos. The peppers can also be dried to make ristras, a string of peppers traditional to New Mexico.