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Bottle Hollow Farm is all about high-quality produce that's grown simply, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Our goal is to build healthy, fertile soil that delivers produce with that classic, real garden flavor.

At this time, we are the only Certified Organic farm located in Bedford County, Tennessee. Also, we are the only Certified Organic farm that attends the local
markets in Murfreesboro, Shelbyville and Tullahoma.

Our small family farm is an extension of our personal garden, where we enjoy the same flavorful varieties of fruits and vegetables offered to our clients. Our produce is primarily sold directly to consumers at farmers markets in the Middle Tennessee area. We also welcome the opportunity to supply local chefs, restaurants and groceries.


WE ONLY OFFER PRODUCE GROWN BY US. Every item of produce we sell is grown by us, from start to finish. When you shop with us, you are NOT buying produce sourced from "wholesalers" or "trucked in" from unknown origin.

We enjoy getting to know our customers. When you visit with us at a market, please feel free to tell us what you like and let us know if you have any questions about our vegetable varieties or farming practices.

Enjoy and celebrate fresh, healthy & delicious local food!


Mark Murphy, Director of Operations at Bottle Hollow Farm

The Gardens of
Bottle Hollow Farm


Mark Murphy is passionate about organic gardening. 

Why? For many reasons. Health, environmental stewardship and a strong connection to the land are all important. Mark also enjoys the pleasing qualities of gardening simply, drawing on the best of the "old ways" to grow plants in a harmonious and peaceful manner.

Overall, flavor is king! Mark sums it up by saying... "I believe that plants grown as naturally as possible, without the additions or alterations imparted by chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides, have the most pleasing and satisfying flavor profile. Love and sunshine grow some terrific food!" 

Mark Murphy

hand trowel and rich soil
trees and water at Bottle Hollow Farm
snail carries her own architecture